The Floating Box Gallery

Breaking out of the ground, like clouds floating in the air, so the name "floating" the word.

The Floating Art Museum tells a concept of time, which is composed of three parts. The first part is naturally laid with old stone collected on the ground of 7.8 X 7.8 meters. The old stone strips baptized by time are mottled in mechanism, thick and warm, implying the past memory of time. The second part is a square structure of 2.4 meters X2.7 meters, which is raised 0.9 meters upward and surrounded by old stone strips. The six elevated steps are paved with white marble. The white marble is more like a bridge in the whole installation, linking the past and the future. The third part is a 4.2X4.5X3.6 meter box. The main space consists of two parts: the exhibition space for artists and the storage space for debris. The space is divided by the skylight ceiling with light on the top, and the exhibition space is left blank. Floating in the air, a yearning for the future,
We want the whole floating gallery to have a different expression of time, so when designing, we hope that each exhibition will be changed by the theme color determined by the artist, we hope that it is not just a building, but more like an installation that is left blank for your imagination.

Project address: Datong, Shanxi

Client: Huaxia Jianghong (Datong) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Designer: XJ Design Agency

Design Period: 2022

Completion Date: October 2023