Jiangxin Island demonstration area children landscape scheme design

The project is a children's project in Olive Dam, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province.

It is said that there is a peacock country in the south of the south. The design takes the legend of Nan Muna, the peacock princess of Banna as the starting point, and pursues the last phoenix - the princess of Peacock country.
This is the last tropical rainforest in China, always endowed with magical thoughts. How to let children understand the rainforest, the best way is to arouse curiosity, play in the rainforest, and get involved in it to create a fantasy rainforest adventure park.
Therefore, three light bird cages are created in the rainforest, and in the environment of not destroying the ecology of trees, and then in the magic language, respectively, the tree cage with the theme of trees, the princess castle with the theme of peacocks, and the slide through the jungle.
Through the form of "children's space + bird cage installation", the space structure is optimized with dense rainforest plants, forming three forest bird cages as the main body of the forest flow line, tree hole, phoenix bed, rainforest magic mirror, magic elephant, forest language flower gallery, fog spirit and other theme nodes as the ground flow line, jointly giving the site a magical forest style.

Time/area: 2021.05/2900㎡