Landscape concept design of Jiangxin Island in Xishuangbanna

Jiangxin Island is located in Olive Bar, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, adjacent to Lancang River, only by the ancient river, is a comprehensive international resort project surrounded by water in the river.

The native land has excellent natural scenery of rain forest and Dai cultural customs. Surrounded by water, the space of the island is divided into several groups, so the main is to create a water rain forest, the ultimate island life.
The way of landscape intervention is to introduce Lancang River water into the Southeast Asian ancient country as the medium, divide the whole big island into several small islands by water system, and connect them with Bridges. The water system also forms a boat channel, connected by a dock, with the ultimate rainforest experience.
The team visited the local culture for many times, and found the origin of the local and Southeast Asian ancient countries, read ancient historical books, pursued myths and legends, and looked for representative plants in ancient countries, and took this as the theme, forming a total of eight large islands: Bodhi Island, Golden Chain Peninsula, Bayeux Island, Sugar Palm Peninsula, Rain Forest Floating Island, Tiemu Peninsula, Liuhua Island, and Wuxia Peninsula.
Each island consists of ten style Bridges, each bridge has its own style with ancient Siamese elements, Lanna elements, Khmer elements, etc., although the characteristics are different, but are influenced by Southern Buddhism, so in the lush rainforest plants and harmonious unity.
Each island has a unique style of entrance walled gate space, the whole of the island is an open block, in the middle of the island there is a main street running through the island, the block forms of water street, rain forest street, cultural style street. Choose tropical native plants to create space, so that the perfect combination of nature and humanity.
Shipping lanes, there are six piers distributed on each island. Combined with the water ecosystem, a variety of landscape revetment treatment methods are selected to ensure the feasibility of revetment while preserving the most natural features of the rainforest waterway. A variety of boat action lines, let people more close to the water, more appreciation of the rainforest island.

Time/Area: 2021.03/380,000 ㎡