Chongqing People's primary School east overall transformation and upgrading

Chongqing People's Primary School, founded in 1945, formerly known as the Jinji-Lu-Henan Military Cadres' School, followed by Liu Deng's army south to Chongqing, renamed the People's Primary School of the Southwest Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. As one of the best primary schools in Chongqing, the campus has profound historical and cultural heritage and excellent ecological environment. However, the increasing number of students year by year leads to a decrease in the per capita outdoor area. Through the creation of three-dimensional space, we provide multiple outdoor use areas for the campus, and integrate sustainable ecosystems and outdoor courses into each outdoor space, so that the school becomes an open and sustainable nature education classroom, inspiring children's love for nature and responsibility for the earth.

Project address: Chongqing City

Designer: XJ Design Agency

Architectural Design: Chongqing Design Institute Co. LTD

Design date: 2023