Sichuan Luzhou G546 bamboo corridor

National Highway 546 is a main road connecting Luzhou of Sichuan Province and Chishui of Guizhou Province. The design area is located in Naxi District of Luzhou, with a total length of 25 kilometers, aiming to create an ecotourism corridor with bamboo as the scenery. After repeated site investigation, the design team selected 8 sites with industrial resources and landscape resources to create tourist attractions. Eight experience points with "art topics" form a chronic tour system that can "stop", "entertain" and "consume" every 3 kilometers. And the "form" of "bamboo growth" has evolved into the construction of different forms of artistic experience:

It includes the main entrance of a bamboo corridor in the shape of bamboo shoots, two bamboo structure tourist markets for local rural specialties, two "Dawang Bamboo Sea" scenic tourism area, and four rest viewing platforms; While displaying the local bamboo culture of Naxi, it will promote the economic revitalization of the villages along the line. And in the holiday to realize the light show, bamboo art display, outdoor competition and other activities, the formation of the scenic theme tourist destination.

Time/area: 2022.03/30,000 ㎡