Future urban road design of Caoshan, Liyang

Caoshan Future City is a resort town located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. This design will use the method of "ecological park" to carry out the landscape design of the crossing and road around the big plate, forming a "green necklace" wrapped around Caoshan Future City. The team formed two different elements of the "hill" into the site by reshaping the terrain, among which the crossing with a very modern section slope to emphasize the "future" and "science and technology" of the urban space. The road space mimics the natural slope to form a sprawling earth hill; On the one hand, the long and monotonous linear site is improved to form a natural and scattered transformation interface; On the other hand, the height difference of the site borrows the terrain to solve the problem of sight management between the external municipal space and the internal town space.

Time/area: 2021.06/100,000 ㎡