An art museum in Datong Ancient City

The art museum is located in the center of the intersection of Heyang Street and Taiping Street in the east of Datong Ancient City, Shanxi Province, with one side looking at the restored Taiping Building of the Ming Hongwu period and the other side looking at the restored Church of the Sacred Heart of the Virgin Mary in the late Qing Dynasty. The site located in the center is between the collision and dialogue between eastern and Western cultures. We put a "time crack" through the two ends of the site to form a curved canal, on the one hand to emphasize the thick sense of history and culture in the way of cracks, on the other hand to represent the integration of cultures with flowing canals. In the center of the rift, the designer raised a ladder to the roof, and climbed through the ladder, the line of sight rose from the busy street to the sky, a bird's eye view of the entire ancient city, in order to express the river from the history and look to the future. At the same time, the material of the whole site will also use more modern materials to express the context of time.

Under the heavy historical culture, the site also has a tender and warm side ———— the theme sculpture takes the cat looking into the northern corner as inspiration. The image of the cat on the wall appears at the entrance of the square in a very contemporary way of expression, and rotates over time to look at different sides of the ancient city and observe the changes of the ancient city with The Times.

Time/area: 2021.03/3000m²