Fuling riverside zone urban public space landscape planning

The Yangtze River, the largest river in Asia, has nurtured and nourished Chinese civilization and witnessed thousands of years of economic development and history. Along with the Three Gorges Project, Chongqing Fuling Binjiang Road on the flood dam has existed for nearly 20 years. Today, the city's citizens are eager for Binjiang Road to once again become a source of vitality for the city, thinking about their relationship with the river. Along the entire 2km length, some flood control walls were opened, various forms of riverside sites were rebuilt, and the originally separated ground floor shops and second floor platforms became more connected. The original memories of the site, such as the Virens, the dock, and the dismantled walls, have gained new life in the design. The scientific arrangement of plants, the infiltration and retention treatment of rainwater, and the use of low-maintenance materials also reflect our consideration of ecological sustainability. At the same time, as an important place for public leisure and entertainment, facilities such as river viewing platform, fitness facilities and wooden seats have been innovated. Of course, as a carrier of the city's memory, several iconic public art will continue to show the warmth and openness of the city.

Project address: Fuling, Chongqing

Client: Fuling District Jiangpu Housing Construction Investment Group Co., LTD

Landscape Design: XJ Design Agency

Construction unit: China Railway Seventh Bureau Group Co., LTD

Design date: 2022

Project size: 5.5 hectares