Chongqing Weilan Holiday Inn Express

Our client has constructed a hotel in front of the factory premises, along with adding complementary facilities, creating a series of courtyard garden spaces that are interconnected. These spaces are diverse and each possesses a distinct microclimate. This has provided us with the opportunity to cultivate five different garden experiences throughout the hotel, offering a leisurely and relaxing environment for both hotel guests and factory employees.Over the past two years, we have collaboratively completed three of these gardens with the client. The sunken garden outside the hotel lobby is exclusively for the guests. It features a native mature tree, newly planted shade-tolerant flora, and a perpetual breeze. The cool microclimate within this garden is especially valuable in the hot climate of Chongqing.The garden in front of the café is situated between the hotel and the factory area. A small grove of oak trees offers shade to the outdoor seating area. The extensive cultivation area is meticulously maintained by factory staff. What was a wheat field harvested last year has now transformed into a visually pleasing and practical self-sustaining plot. It comprises vegetables, herbs, flowers, and a striking selection of native plants, which attract birds and butterflies.Across the parking lot, there are affordably priced dedicated charging stations for owners of electric vehicles. Adjacent to them, fragrant plants that emit aroma throughout the year have been cultivated. The result is a lush and enticing garden landscape, contributing to an improved resting quality for drivers during charging breaks.The boundaries of the garden are defined by hedges and lattice fences, adorned with fragrant jasmine and climbing roses.

Project address: Chongqing City

Project Type: Landscape Design

Client: Chongqing Weilan Mattress Furniture Co., Ltd.

Designer: XJ Design Agency

Design Period: July 2021

Completion Date: November 2022

Project Size: 0.7 hectares